Longley International Consultants operates from Shenzhen, China assisting foreign businesses and individuals with the opportunities they are looking for in the far East. With years of experience in the market, and an ever expanding circle of clients and partners, Longley is well positioned to make your ambitions in China go as smoothly as possible.



- Regional Distributors of wholesale goods in China.

- Sourcing of goods, tools, and technology, then making sure they are of tested and qualified before they are shipped out.

- Online retail management through Taobao, Tmall, JD, VIP, and more to manage your wholesale and consumer distribution to the Chinese market.

- Regional Activities at expos and trade fairs, or through business tours and marketing events. We are on hand to make sure they go smoothly for you, or run them independently so you don't need to even come to China.

- Packaging your goods from within China, which will help you increase margins whilst retaining your "Made in Britain" image.

- Problem Solving, trading abroad is never easy, certainly not in China. Longley is on the ground to make sure your engagement happens as smoothly as possible, and have saved clients thousands of pounds in poorly understood dialogues.

"That's exactly what we wanted, with regards to the videos, the instructions, the sample books etc. I'm not sure sure what we would have done without you to be honest with you, you're our saviour"

Ikram Bohra, Director of Designer Sofas For You

Due to our active engagement with companies in China, we are frequently presented with companies here that wish to trade with the UK. We are very careful on who gets approved for highlighting, and the companies we do engage with are kept quite close to us so you can depend on a trusted introduction, and our on-going support in your engagement with them. Please see our Live Opportunities page to see who is currently active.


Get in touch if you need some advice on how to approach the Chinese market, or for a review on if your company is ready for such an endeavour. Normally this sort of discussion and evaluation is fee-less, as our chief goal is to encourage Sino-British trade, we only charge when resources are expended on our end.

We also teach companies how best to set-up a Limited Company in China, and we keep an eye on the latest marketing trends in China and how the UK might wish to orientate itself accordingly. Likewise, when a new fad takes hold here, we try to advise British companies how best to take advantage of the opportunity.

Setting-up Services and Tours

Moving to and operating in China can be a daunting amount of hassle, especially if you are unfamiliar with the language and culture.

Longley offers a very affordable and flexible approach to assisting people come to China, whether for a holiday, trade visit, or moving here, we are happy to assist you with your trip.

In the Pearl River Delta region, especially in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong we can assist you with getting apartments and hotels, your bank set-up, phone and sim card, finding good places to eat, shop, drink, and take you to local areas of interest.

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more, and get our advice on the best times to visit.


Partners and Affiliates


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Operationally we are based in Shenzhen, China and spend a lot of time in Hong Kong and Guangzhou too. We also make trips back to the UK several times a year and can travel around the UK to meet you if you'd like to make an appointment.


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