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UK-Canada Trade Continuity Agreement


The 2017 CETA free trade agreement between the EU and Canada led to a 13.7% increase in exports from the UK to Canada in 2018, reaching £6.15 billion. Meat exports to Canada increased by 36.3% ... to £2.8m and wine exports grew by 16.6% to £1.75 million.

When exporting to Canada you must include your EORI number in any origin declaration you issue to your customer, regardless of the value.

Agreement Texts

Parliamentary Report (33 pages)

MoU of Continuity, 23/12/20 (109 pages)

Using EU materials and processing in your exports to Canada

You can use EU materials or processing in your exports to Canada. The UK and Canada must have fulfilled the necessary requirements set out in the Incorporated Rules of Origin Protocol and Annexes in the TCA.

Rules of Origin Protocol for EU origin Goods set out in Chapter 30 of TCA.

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